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The HTC XV6800, generally known as the HTC Mogul is really a smartphone intended with the company market place in mind. It is offered from a range of carriers, together with Verizon, Qwest, Sprint, U.S. Mobile, and Alltel. The phones layout is very similar to a number of other HTC products, in that it features a massive touch monitor with just a few genuine tactile buttons for navigation. The smartphone abilities on the HTC XV6800 are accessed via the Home windows Cellular six Working Process.

What network does the HTC XV6800 use?

The HTC XV6800 is really a twin band CDMA cellular phone. Due to the CDMA community, it could only be Employed in the United States and a few other destinations on the globe, in contrast to GSM telephones which can be used Nearly everywhere on the planet. Having said that, despite the lack of roaming capabilities, the HTC XV6800 does enable for prime speed 3G info access speeds about the EV-DO rev. 0, rev. one, and rev. A high velocity info networks.

How big is definitely the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 measures in at about 4 and 50 percent inches (4.three) by two and a 50 percent inches (2.3) by just one inch (0.7). In addition it weighs one hundred sixty five grams, making it a big and comparatively large unit.

What sort of battery everyday living does the HTC XV6800 allow for for?

On a complete charge with a completely new battery, expect to obtain roughly three and a 3rd hrs of talk time. Alternatively, the HTC XV6800 also permits 228 several hours of standby time on a complete cost. After some time, however, count on these figures to lessen.


What media functions are integrated Along with the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 will come stock with an exceptionally massive 240 by 320 pixel Show that is able to displaying 65k hues. It is 2.8 inches in measurement and entirely touch capable with using a stylus. There's also an integrated inbuilt digital camera that allows for two megapixels of resolution and could also history video 토토사이트 clip. The camera contains a built-in flash and 8x digital zoom.

A range of audio and video formats are supported with the HTC XV6800, such as MP3 and WMA. Music and movies is often loaded directly into your phones inbuilt memory or be accessed by way of a MicroSD card.

What other options are included in the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 is a fully loaded smartphone with a lot of forward wondering features. There exists a total QWERTY keyboard for textual content messages and emails. The HTC XV6800 is additionally loaded with facts accessibility options, together https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=토토사이트 with inbuilt WiFi guidance and Bluetooth 2.0 support. Other features involve: a substantial telephone reserve, an alarm, calendar, voice dialing, speakerphone, calculator, notes, a big number of electronic mail support, and GPS assistance. With each of the bundled connectivity options, it is not hard to see that the HTC XV6800 is basically a very low powered Pc inside of a phones sort factor.