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To the data safety professional wireless networking might be thought of as a four letter word being prevented in any respect fees. Regardless of the stability implication wireless networking can offer Price tag performance, and since of that wireless technologies are in this article to stay. Though a lot of within the profession feel that wi-fi networks might be very easily compromised, this class will clearly show how the appropriate wireless architecture with the correct safety controls might make your wi-fi network as safe as another distant obtain issue into your network.

On this a few working day, wireless security workshop, we will analyze the leading edge of wireless systems. The purpose of the course is to provide you with an entire understanding of what wireless (802.11) networks are, how they work, how men and women find them and exploit them, And the way they can be secured. This palms-on target relies on actual world illustrations, methods, and deployments. https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=토토사이트 In this training course We'll actually create and use wi-fi networks, determine the resources to uncover wi-fi networks, and in addition examine tips on how to defeat the attempts to protected wireless networks.

Program Completion

Upon the completion of our CISM system, pupils will have:

Constructed a wi-fi network architecture

Set up and configure 802.1x authentication applying Microsoft Home windows IAS and Server 2000

Install a wireless click here obtain place

Distinguish involving 802.11x standards

Defeat Wired Equal Privateness

Important Just take Aways:

An idea of wireless networks


A CD of frequent tools and documentation

An ability to search the net for updates and additional information on wireless networks

Detail obviously Content material The next matters will be protected:

Wireless Historical past

Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals

WLAN Infrastructure

802.eleven Network Architecture

802.1X Authentication

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)/(LEAP)/(PEAP)

Detection Platforms

WLAN Discovery Applications


Wi-fi Sniffers

Conventional Detection


Exploiting WLANs

Securing WLANs

Other Wi-fi Possibilities

Lawful Concerns together with GLBA and ISO-17799